This may come as a surprise to all the video heads out there, but there are other ways to tell a powerful story besides on a screen. The printed page has been around a lot longer than moving pictures – even if that page is now viewed on, well, the screen of a tablet or e-reader.

DeZerlin delights in publishing to the printed page, the digital page, and the interactive app page, with graphic novels, comics, children’s books, classic novels, and picture books.

Dragon Resurrection
Graphic Novel
Action-Adventure, Fantasy
Writer: Mark Byers
Story: Lin Zhang, Lyan Zhang
Artist: Erfan Fajar
Colorists: Sakti Yuwono, Beny Maulana, Yenny Laud
Cover Artist: Vosa Wang
Publication Date: May 15, 2013
Age Range: Teen/Adult
In development for feature and series.
Dust Fall
Novel and Podcast
Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi Fantasy
Writer: Paul Byers
Story: Lin Zhang, Devin He
Publication Date: 2019
Age Range: Teen/Young Adult
In development for feature and VR games.
Wisdom For Wee One
Picture Book
Writer: Mark Byers
Illustrator: Sakura Zhang
Publication Date: Winter 2018
Age Range: Preschool/Elementary, Family
Watch the Skies
Graphic Novel
Action-Adventure, Fantasy
Writer: Mark Byers
Artist: Oliver Regoniel
Publication Date: 2018
Age Range: Teen, Family
Based on Storyboards from the feature motion picture